Hello everyone, and welcome to my little world!

I decided to start this blog because I absolutely adore make up. I adore looking at make up, reading about make up, buying make up, applying make up, hell, I even love organising make up! Some may find this sad, but I’m hoping most of you will understand and possibly even feel the same way, what else would have brought you here?!

Because I love make up so much, I spend the majority of my evenings reading beauty blogs and product reviews and have always wanted to give it a go myself. Whenever I am thinking of purchasing a new product, I always turn to the internet to read reviews about said product and to look at swatches to help me with my decision. I can never, ever, ever buy a product without doing my research on it first! That is why I wanted to start my own beauty blog, so that maybe one day, one of my reviews or some of my swatches would help someone else to decide which product to buy. Even if I help just one person, mission accomplished!

I love beauty blogs and could spend endless hours reading them everyday but my absolute favorites, and the ones I take inspiration from, are Zoella, Essie Button and Tanya Burr. I love that they have built such incredible careers on a simple passion for beauty and fashion and sharing that passion with the world. There is a 99.9% chance that my blog will never even be a millionth as popular as the likes of Zoe’s, but I will still enjoy writing about my favourite, and maybe not so favourite products!

I apologise that this post is a little boring, I didn’t want to launch straight into talking about products without explaining why I wanted to do this first. I thought an introductory post would set the scene nicely and let you guys get to know me a little bit. I don’t know how often I will be posting but I will try my best to keep it regular and not to bore you!

I look forward to writing my first post about a product which I haven’t chosen yet(!) and hopefully helping someone to choose which products to buy!

Love From Becca