MAC Rebel Lipstick Review and Swatches


MAC: Rebel


Following yesterday’s introductory post, I wanted to write my first proper post as quickly as possible, I couldn’t wait! I was having trouble deciding what product to write about and spent ages going through my make up collection umming and aahing until I came across one of my absolute favourite lipsticks: MAC’s satin lipstick in Rebel. Given the freezing cold weather at the moment it seemed like a no-brainer to write about this gorgeous, darker colour.

Rebel is a beautiful deep purple colour and on removing the lid for the first time, it genuinely took my breath away. I’d been looking for the perfect vampy, purple colour for months and I was over the moon when I found this and my search could finally stop!

A gorgeous vampy purple

Firstly, look at that colour, just look at it! It’s so pretty I just want to put it in a cabinet and put it on display in my bedroom! As well as its gorgeous appearance, Rebel also has that distinct MAC lipstick smell, which makes me think of cake when it hits me. Is that strange? I’d be interested to know what other people think of when they smell a MAC lipstick! Now, having stared at this product and enjoyed the look of it for much longer than I probably should have, I decided to give it a go…


I’m not going to lie, having been so excited by the deep colour of this lipstick, I was slightly disappointed when I swatched it. With only one layer, it is more of a pink than a purple, which rather upset me as I thought I’d found my perfect purple! However, once I added another layer, I was starting to see the colour I’d fallen in love with.

In natural light

Rebel applies with a lovely, soft consistency as it one of MAC’s satin lipsticks and feels smooth on the lips. I love the fact that once you have applied it, it almost looks matte but does not dry your lips out like most matte lip products.

In artificial light

The only downside I have found with this product, and it is not the product’s fault, is the difficulty I find when applying it due to its dark colour. I hold my hands up, I am rubbish at applying lipstick as it is because of my unsteady hands, so when I am trying to apply a dark colour like Rebel, I really struggle. It takes me at least ten minutes just to apply the lip liner and tidy that up around the edges so all in all, when I wear this lipstick, it adds almost 15 minutes onto my morning routine! For that reason, I don’t wear this lipstick anywhere near as much as I would like to. If I could apply it neatly in an instant, I would wear Rebel every single day because I just love the colour so much.

I also want to commend this lipstick on its staying power. I find that when I do wear it, I can apply it first thing in the morning and by the afternoon, it is still intact with no touch ups. I actually wore Rebel today and I applied it before going out for lunch. I had a chicken wrap which I can assure you is not easy to eat and required me to take big bites out of it. Whilst eating I was really worried that I was spreading my lipstick all over my face and looking like a clown, so once I had finished, I quickly ran to the little girls’ room to check on my appearance…

Still perfectly intact after lunch!

To my amazement, it still looked perfect and not much different to how it had looked when I applied it!

This leads me on to the pricing of this product… Like most MAC lipsticks, Rebel retails at £15.50 here in the UK and $17.00 in the US. This may be slightly more expensive than your average lipstick on the high street,  but I truly believe that it is worth every penny. I searched for months and months for this colour in every drugstore brand but every search proved useless. Now I have found Rebel I will never look back, I just need to practice applying it some more so it doesn’t take me so long!

You can purchase MAC’s Rebel here:

Buy MAC’s Rebel in the UK

Buy MAC’s Rebel in the US

I hope you all enjoyed my first post, I really enjoyed writing it and I already can’t wait to plan the next one!

Love from Becca




Hello everyone, and welcome to my little world!

I decided to start this blog because I absolutely adore make up. I adore looking at make up, reading about make up, buying make up, applying make up, hell, I even love organising make up! Some may find this sad, but I’m hoping most of you will understand and possibly even feel the same way, what else would have brought you here?!

Because I love make up so much, I spend the majority of my evenings reading beauty blogs and product reviews and have always wanted to give it a go myself. Whenever I am thinking of purchasing a new product, I always turn to the internet to read reviews about said product and to look at swatches to help me with my decision. I can never, ever, ever buy a product without doing my research on it first! That is why I wanted to start my own beauty blog, so that maybe one day, one of my reviews or some of my swatches would help someone else to decide which product to buy. Even if I help just one person, mission accomplished!

I love beauty blogs and could spend endless hours reading them everyday but my absolute favorites, and the ones I take inspiration from, are Zoella, Essie Button and Tanya Burr. I love that they have built such incredible careers on a simple passion for beauty and fashion and sharing that passion with the world. There is a 99.9% chance that my blog will never even be a millionth as popular as the likes of Zoe’s, but I will still enjoy writing about my favourite, and maybe not so favourite products!

I apologise that this post is a little boring, I didn’t want to launch straight into talking about products without explaining why I wanted to do this first. I thought an introductory post would set the scene nicely and let you guys get to know me a little bit. I don’t know how often I will be posting but I will try my best to keep it regular and not to bore you!

I look forward to writing my first post about a product which I haven’t chosen yet(!) and hopefully helping someone to choose which products to buy!

Love From Becca